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Pigeon safety nets

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about balconies or window sills. Mostly pigeons build their house in the open space of buildings where they stay and lay their eggs.These areas are the perfect place to live their life comfortably.

Pigeons are considered the most terrible pests. They store fungi, viruses and bacteria. Pigeon droplets are the source of more than 50 diseases, some of which are even fatal. Pigeon rot is dangerous to the human respiratory system, causing various health problems. According to doctors, pigeon feathers emit dust when they move their feathers, which is a major cause of developing asthma-like disease. Pigeon safety nets in pune as they can harm your belongings as well as fruits and grains. When pigeons die they create the presence of unique insects. Therefore, we offer special transparent nets that help keep pigeons away from being injured or killed. These can be fixed at passages, balconies and windows. It is advisable to install pigeon nets for balconies to maintain clean sites of buildings.


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